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Past Events

January 8, 2021     "Taken For Real" 

Guest Speaker: Heidi Provo  A mother's worst nightmare

So much to learn what can happen to our children in today's world. No matter how good they are and where they may go. Whether they attend church youth group or go somewhere else they need to hear how unsafe the world is for them and how human trafficking can affect them.  

We are creating a "House of Hope" .  A place for NW Indiana to have for surviors to go after beginning resuced from trafficking.  How can you help?  You can Donate what ever you can to help us make this happen. 

                            Stay tuned to what's coming soon.


 February 6, 2020       

"Night Of Hope And Healing" Suicide Awareness And Prevention ~ Dinner

As the temperature dropped, and the snow fell the night of February 6th, the preparations for the evening's event was taking shape. 5pm the caterer arrived and set up the wonderful meal that was more like a family feast. As Mr. Vogel prepared the projector for the evenings power-point presentation, the presenter, retired 36-year U.S. Army veteran Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Daggett, had arrived with his lovely wife, Veda and youngest, yet brilliant son Isaiah.

Not long afterward, dinner was served then Colonel Daggett delivered an incredible presentation. He drove the point of how cause and effect, stress, trauma, PTSD and psychological realities can alter a person's view of reality. No one knows how each person's brain interprets what that person has experienced. No one can un-see what they see. The colonel further explained how hope for tomorrow directly effects the way one sees and feels today. There are ways we can help.

The topic was hot, the mood was intense, the presentation was flawless and the reception was well received. A huge part of the message allowed those present to be able to identify some of the indicators that can lead to hopelessness, confusion as well as unhealthy thought patterns that can lead one to dark places.

Anyone needing help can call the suicide hotline at: 800-273-8255


January 10th, 2020

"Under You Nose" Human Trafficking And Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Banquet, Knights Of Columbus, Griffith, IN

It was a quarter to six for the six o'clock event, with about 15 guests being seated. Now six o'clock, the room was almost full with over 100 guests and a line back to the door. It was the fourth annual SHARE Group fundraising banquet. As usual, the SHARE Group always strives to fill the evening with tremendous education as well as a terrific meal.

In attendance was Amie Raintree with the North West Indiana Anti-trafficking Coalition (NWIAC), Andrew Holmes Private Investigator and Rescurer, Phil Smith manager of the Crisis Center Hot-line, Chaplain and Colonel Antonio Daggett US Army (Retired) and the featured speaker survivor of human trafficking now strong advocate and friend to victims, Sharmila "Samie" Wijeyakumar founder of Rahabs Daughter's.  Sharmila shared two separate and different experiences being trafficked in two different places by totally different organizations. What a powerful story of pain and resurrection. 


October 4th, 2019 

 "From Under the Rug" Human Trafficking And Suicide Awareness and Prevention Conference nd Lunch, Wicker Park - Social Center. 

Speaker Homeland Security Special Agent - Phil Coduti, Indiana Deputy Attorney General Office Criminal Investigators - Pamela Bailsand and Chris Byorni, Dept Of Justice Federal Prosecutor - John Maciejezyk, Private Investigator and Rescurer - Andrew Holmes, The Crisis Center - Phil Smith, US Army Chaplain - Lt. Colonel Antonio Daggett.

Program was sponsored by:The SHARE Group and Frank J. Mrvan, North Township, Trustee 


January 11th, 2019

"In Our Backyard" Banquet. Host speaker - Nita Bellas Orgeon prevention of Humand Trafficking.

Location: Griffith - Hildebrandt Hall, St.Mary's Church


January 11th, 2018

SHARE had the privilege of hosting guest speaker Cynthia Collins in Dyer, IN at a fundraising banquet.  She provided an engaging and educational presentation based on her many years of experience dealing with abuse and human trafficking inside and outside the United States.  


June 8, 2017

Human Trafficking Workshop

Sponsored by East Chicago Mom's Taking Charge

Location: Ivy Tech Community College


April 20, 2017

Human Trafficking "Not Buying it" Conference 

Location: Living Hope Church 9000 Taft Street Merrillville, Indiana on April 20, 2017.. For information call (219) 525-4335 or email The SHARE Group @


August 1, 2016

We recently presented the SHARE workshop at  East Chicago's Moms Taking Charge on August 1st, 2016. It was exciting and very successful with more than 50 young women in attendance. Presentations were given by Homeland Security, the FBI, The Welcome Network, Operation Restoring Innocence, and a U-Tube video of human trafficking survivor Aubrey Lloyd.

"Thank you so much for bringing this program here. I had no idea this is what human trafficking was," Cecilia M.

"The presentations were enlightening! Very professional." George Weems Executive Director – The Foundations of East Chicago

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