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What is SHARE? Sharing Hope Around the Region through Education

 The SHARE Group is a supportive organization that provides resources, training and educational opportunities for anti human-trafficking and suicide awareness and prevention, both for the public and for professionals.  Our focus is on prevention, protection and prosecution for the purpose of creating awareness and fighting against abuse and human-trafficking in Indiana. Plus, we are actively pursing educational avenues that create realities about suicide awareness and prevention.


The SHARE Group is sponsoring its Annual Dinner Banquet "Human Trafficking and Immigration" on January 7, 2022.  Hear the personal story from a local person that was groomed for trafficking.  Click on "Upcoming Events" for details. 


National Human Trafficking Prevention Month ~ 1/1-31/22

National Human Trafficking Prevention Day ~ 1/11/22

January was National Slavery Human Trafficking Prevention.  The month of January was declared in 2011 by President Obama.  Slavery and human trafficking is often considered a historic problem but sadly it is an issue which is growing on a worldwide basis and one which is in our community.  A highly lucrative business, although a criminal one, here in the USA we are seeing an increase in the number of instances reported and for these reasons the awareness raising prevention month was established. 

Slavery was officially abolished in the USA by the Thirteenth Amendment in December 1865 however, sadly human trafficking is growing at an alarming rate and despite the USA being a first world country, victims affected and forced into modern day slavery can be foreign nationalities or the citizens of the USA, but they are all subjected to the horrific injustices of sex trafficking, forced labor, involuntary servitude, forced marriages and debt bondage.

Help raise awareness and potentially save people's lives by educating yourself more about the despicable act of human trafficking and what you can do if suspect anyone of being a victim or organizer of the terrifying act.


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